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So, you have a plain wooden floor and are wondering what exactly needs to be done to bring it to life? Are you hovering uncertainly between a light and breezy sand and polish, or wondering whether it perhaps needs a complete renovation? Here to help you decide is a summary of the services offered by the Dartford floor sanding experts. Contact us today to find out more and to book your free onsite consultation and discuss the various options in more detail.


Our most popular service with customers is sanding. It’s at the core of what we do, and over the years we have made sure that we use the latest equipment for the work, to achieve the perfect smooth finish. Nowadays that means dust-excluding machinery that causes as little disruption as possible. Sanding prepares the floor to take one of our beautiful eco-friendly finishes.


Wood floors in DA1 Dartford sometimes require a complete restoration if they’ve been badly damaged or mistreated for a long period. Our team of Dartford wood floor restoration experts bring a whole raft of experience and skills to their restoration work, to bring out the very best in your floor whatever its condition.


Repairs are nothing like as intrusive as restorations but they encompass a range of skills and disciplines. It could be a matter of simply repairing a few boards and filling gaps with resin, silicon and slivers, or at the other extreme repairing sub-floor layers and replacing entire floorboards. This repair work will always be carried out before sanding and finishing to secure the floor’s integrity.


For wood floor staining in DA2 Dartford we use eco-friendly, hypoallergenic stains that contain no toxins. Professional staining creates a rich, deep, warm colour that goes right to the heart of the wood and brings out its character to the full. There are many different colours and hues to choose from, to complement the rest of your home or office interior décor.


Finishing is the final part of the process and follows on from the initial repair and sanding phases. We use a variety of stains, lacquers, waxes and varnishes to achieve a brilliant and appropriate finish. We often advise that varnish is used to create a good seal in areas where spillage is likely whereas reception and living areas will benefit best from stains and waxes to produce that lovely golden inner glow combined with a tough surface.


Although parquet flooring is back in fashion, sanding and otherwise restoring such delicate material is a skilled job that should not be tackled on a have-a-go basis. The Dartford parquet floor sanding team has all the skills and experience needed to tackle those attractive but fragile tiles and restore them to their former glory.


Parquet floors usually suffer from a few missing tiles, which creates an eyesore, and many people are tempted just to take the whole thing up. However, we have the tools, experience and skills needed to deal with the old bitumen-based adhesives and rescue a parquet floor that has seen better days. A beautiful parquet floor should be preserved like an endangered species, to admire once again in these days of mass-produced banality and quick fixes.


Even if a parquet floor in Dartford just needs a couple of tiles to be replaced, the difference this makes if it’s done properly can be astounding. Especially because of the advances in tile bonding techniques and the difficulties with exact matching, this job should be left to the experts.


The shine can be restored to a faded hardwood floor by polishing it. In order for the polish to bond properly, the floor will need to be buffed thoroughly to clean it first. Contact us for advice – we recommend that the average floor can get away with two years of continuous use before it needs a polish, if you prefer not to have it sanded and finished again just yet.​


We use the latest eco-friendly resins and silicon products to fill in gaps between floorboards. This will stabilise the floor prior to sanding. It also eliminates irritating creaks and can have an impact on your fuel bills by preventing the escape of heat from a property.​


Your wood floor in Dartford, after it has been repaired, sanded and polished by the Dartford wood floor sanding and restoration experts, needs to be maintained a bit in order to stay looking good. It should be buffed and polished once every two years, or annually in some cases. Give us a call for helpful advice on this and similar matters.


Having a brilliant, shiny, natural wood floor in your Dartford office reception area will impress customers and make a great first impression. We can arrange to work around your regular hours of business in order to keep the disruption to a minimum.​


We’ve done a lot of work on the floorboards of schools right across the Dartford area. This is usually more demanding than working on domestic and commercial properties because of the sheer size of the floors concerned and the traffic they have to put up with. From corridors and classrooms to assembly halls and gyms, we’ve seen it all. Start next term with tough and shiny new wooden floors – we’re happy to do the work during school holidays to minimise disruption.


Our seals and finishes are as green as they come, all environmentally friendly and non-toxic. We choose which type to use according to the variety of timber and the effect you want to achieve. We have 20 years of experience in applying the most appropriate finishes and seals for the job in hand. Their correct selection and application is key to creating the effect you have been aiming for and complementing the interior décor of your home or office.

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